The North Carolina woman won toto hk the jackpot with 2 lottery tickets, the second in three weeks. The Charlotte Observer reports that Granite Falls’ Michelle Schaffler received $ 10,000 for one ticket and $ 1 million for the other on Sunday. In a confession, Schaffler stated that you and your husband bought winning tickets for $ 10,000 at Lenoir and, fortunately, chose to buy back 22 miles at Granite Falls.

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You won both prizes on Monday in the Raleigh lottery platform, choosing a choice of $ 20,000,000 in annual cash payments. You plan to use the lottery toto hk results to save your children’s pension and college funds. Kimberly Morris of Wake Forest toto hk won the lottery twice in late October. Last Sunday, a U.S. Postal Service employee who bought a Virginia Lottery ticket suddenly got into his car and crashed.

Woody Simmons says you won $ 10 million in Extreme Millions. And, according to lottery representatives, Simmons held it as if nothing had happened. You keep the ticket in his pocket. Simmons, who lives in Hatsville, Maryland, returned to the store in Woodbridge, Virginia on Wednesday to accept the award. The impression of a lottery journalist said Simmons had opted for the $ 6.5 million tax-free option. Officials say Extreme Millions has three return cards for $ 10 million. Simmons tells lottery staff if you plan to return to work.

Monday is not the worst – just ask Kimberly Morris. The mother of three from North Carolina won $ 10,000 on Monday by purchasing a Diamond Dazzler ticket at a supermarket in Wake Forest. After winning the Raleigh lottery base, Morris chose to carry the state to another Raleigh grocery store. “I did not expect much,” he said in the lottery. “I like playing the lottery.” Then it happened unthinkable: Morris won again, this time he became the first person in the province to win $ 1 million in the $ 20, starting in September with a special $ 4 million prize.

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Morris then contacted toto hk her husband John at work to report his dissatisfaction. “You’re talking on the phone,” he told the lottery, according to a press release Wednesday. “I could not understand why I gave him the order to slow down. When I heard what you said, I was not sure before. I will have to go home and see for myself.”

Morris received his 2nd prize on Monday, choosing to receive a cash prize of $ 600,000 instead of a $ 1 million salary with a payout of $ 20,000 to $ 50,000. According to lottery officials, Morris took home more than $ 417,000 after paying state and federal taxes. Wake Forrest Morris explains that you plan to share his income with his children before investing the rest.

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